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The Band - Stage fright (50th anniversary) 2CD
• Newly remixed and remastered album + bonus tracks + Live at Royal Albert Hall performance. Stage Fright is the third studio album by Canadian American group the... 
24,90 €
Mitchell, Joni - Joni Mitchell archives vol. 1: The early years (1963-1967) 5CD
Since her debut album arrived in 1968, Joni Mitchell’s songs have been embraced across generations, inspired multitudes of... 
82,90 €
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Ramsey, Willis Alan - Willis Alan Ramsey CD
This self-titled album is a landmark. It was recorded on Leon Russell’s Shelter label in 1972, and Russell sat in on piano. Willis Alan Ramsey is a cult legend among... 
10,90 €
Collins, Shirley - Heart's ease CD
On Heart’s Ease, Shirley delivers a record even stronger than Lodestar having completely regained her confidence, and singing so well that you can’t believe she... 
17,90 €
Baez Joan - Blowin' away/Honest lullaby/European tour
Amerikkalaisen folk-laulaja Joan Baezin kolme levyä Blowin' Away, Honest Lullaby ja European Tour!
Portrait Recordsin julkaisemat levyt alunperin vuosilta... 
24,90 €
Sony Music
The Byrds - Fifth dimension CD
Remastered + bonus tracks... 
8,90 €
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The Byrds - Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde CD
'Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde' was the seventh album by the American rock band The Byrds and originally released in 1969. The album saw the band juxtaposing simple country rock... 
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The Byrds - Farther along CD
Music On CD reissue of ‘Farther Along’ which was the 11th album by the American rock band The Byrds, originally released in November 1971. Highlights on the album... 
10,90 €
Campbell Kate - K.O.A. tapes
Kate on jo kova nimi folk / country scenessä ja tämä hänen uusinpansa on ensimmäinen K.O.A. Tapes-sarjassa. Hillittyä, enimmäkseen akustista, takuu varmaa Kate-laatua! 
18,90 €