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The Band - Stage fright (50th anniversary) 2CD
• Newly remixed and remastered album + bonus tracks + Live at Royal Albert Hall performance. Stage Fright is the third studio album by Canadian American group the... 
24,90 €
Mitchell, Joni - Joni Mitchell archives vol. 1: The early years (1963-1967) 5CD
Since her debut album arrived in 1968, Joni Mitchell’s songs have been embraced across generations, inspired multitudes of... 
82,90 €
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Ramsey, Willis Alan - Willis Alan Ramsey CD
This self-titled album is a landmark. It was recorded on Leon Russell’s Shelter label in 1972, and Russell sat in on piano. Willis Alan Ramsey is a cult legend among... 
10,90 €
Collins, Shirley - Heart's ease CD
On Heart’s Ease, Shirley delivers a record even stronger than Lodestar having completely regained her confidence, and singing so well that you can’t believe she... 
17,90 €
Baez Joan - Blowin' away/Honest lullaby/European tour
Amerikkalaisen folk-laulaja Joan Baezin kolme levyä Blowin' Away, Honest Lullaby ja European Tour!
Portrait Recordsin julkaisemat levyt alunperin vuosilta... 
24,90 €
Sony Music
The Byrds - Fifth dimension CD
Remastered + bonus tracks... 
8,90 €