Hard Rock/Metal

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Svart Records
Convulse - World without god (Picture) LP
LP, picture disc, printed die-cut sleeve

Convulse’s classic debut album is finally available on vinyl again! The... 
23,90 €
25,90 €
Warner Music
D.A.D. - Psychopatico 2LP
37,90 €
Varastossa 1 kpl
Music On Vinyl
Exhorder - The law LP
Exhorder is considered pioneers of the groove-oriented thrash metal sound. After the success of their debut album Slaughter In... 
27,90 €
Varastossa 2 kpl
Music On Vinyl
Heathen - Victims of deception 2LP
Credited as one of the leaders of the Bay Area thrash metal scene, Heathen released four studio albums in total, including their... 
32,90 €
Varastossa 2 kpl
Nazareth - Surviving the law (Orange) LP
It is difficult to sum up in few words the history and influence in the history of rock music that an act like Nazareth has had. Having celebrated their... 
34,90 €
Roadrunner Records
Slipknot - Iowa 2LP
52,90 €
Varastossa 1 kpl