Rae, Erin - Lighten up CD

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Rae, Erin - Lighten up CD
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Erin Rae's album is sure to Lighten Up your day. Produced by Jonathan Wilson, the Nashville singer-songwriter's sophomore release is an indie folk, cosmic country slice of heaven.

After years of personal reflection and growth, Lighten Up is speaking from a space of deeper self-acceptance, and hopefully a chapter of more connection with others. These sentiments also shine through in the collaborative and experimental nature of the production process, with Jonathan Wilson at the helm and guest vocals by Kevin Morby ("Can't See Stars") and Hand Habits.

“My last record was a lot of self-assessment and criticism, and trying to kick old habits and ways of relating to people,” Rae shared. “This one is about blossoming, opening up, and living a little more in the present moment. Accepting what it is to be human.”

1. Candy + Curry
2. Can’t See Stars
3. True Love’s Face
4. Gonna Be Strange
5. California Belongs To You
6. Cosmic Sigh
7. Modern Woman
8. Drift Away
9. Enemy
10. Mind - Heart
11. Lighten Up And Try
12. Undone