Electronic Sound Magazine #87 + 7"

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Electronic Sound Magazine #87 + 7"
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Magazine + 7"
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We're delighted to have the legendary Wolfgang Flür on the cover of the latest Electronic Sound. The one-time Kraftwerk man gives us the lowdown on his acclaimed new album, 'Magazine 1', and we have an exclusive white vinyl Wolfgang seven-inch to accompany the issue as well.

Herr Flür has crafted 'Magazine 1' with the help of a host of collaborators, including Midge Ure, Juan Atkins, Carl Cox, Claudia Brücken and Peter Hook. It's loosely a concept album and that suits Wolfgang's brand of quirky storytelling perfectly. Some pieces are silly and light-hearted, while others are serious and chilling. Veering between satire and the almost painfully earnest, there’s a twinkle in his eye and a sentimentality that's not normally found in electronic music. There isn't a trace of cynicism, though, even when he is having a pop at consumerism and the super-wealthy.

Alongside our cover feature, we have lots more to keep you entertained. From Wolfgang’s home city of Düsseldorf, we travel across to Berlin to meet up with the latest iteration of the seemingly immortal Tangerine Dream project. Back in the UK, we chat to Joseph Mount about the latest release from Metronomy and ask Billie Ray Martin about Electribe 101’s long-lost second album, which is finally coming out after three decades sitting on a DAT in a drawer. We also visit the parallel universe inhabited by Castles In Space signing Keith Seatman and head back to 1980s New York for the making of Newcleus’ electro classic ‘Jam On Revenge’. Now that's what you call a whirlwind trip!

We have a superb Wolfgang Flür seven-inch to accompany this issue too. It's pressed on white vinyl and it features two versions of 'Electric Sheep' – a maddeningly catchy tune and a definite highlight of 'Magazine 1'. Wolfgang takes on the role of a friendly android on the track, which sounds like the theme music of a TV advert in some utopian alternative reality. To seal the deal, he winds up with some key facts about sheep. "Earworms, right?" he says. "You cannot get them out!"

As with all of our music releases, this seven-inch is strictly limited and is only available to readers of Electronic Sound, so make sure you get your copy right away.