Pymathon - Entangled Stench CD

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Pymathon - Entangled Stench CD
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Sometimes the simplest idea is the best: to PLAY. That is, to not to rehearse, to not to plan, to not to ”compose”. To only play – start, go on, finish. Pymathon was formed in the summer of 2005 in Turku,
Finland. Initially the band was a guitar-drums duo, but as the years rolled by Pymathon evolved into a quartet. And what a quartet! Thunderously blasty drumming, totally morbid axe work, poisonously lethal noise and unforgivingly sick vocals! Pymathon play their expressive Death-Thrash through the prism of free jazz, noise and free improvisation. This is the only way to preserve a sort of ”never ending demo-phase”. Metal is best when it is RAW when it has just about entered its initial stages of existence – when it is still trapped inside the void of unknowing. Metal does not get better with age – it’s actually quite the opposite. Pymathon go backwards in time, they stop the time, bend it a little bit, go through it. TOTAL improvisation is the ONLY way to reach the early sound of Thrash and Death Metal – the chaotic sound of an early demo by Kreator, Sarcofago, Demilich or Carcass for that matter. All members of Pymathon have been active in the Finnish experimental underground for couple of decades. And paradoxically, with their thoroughly improvised approach, metal DOES get better with time. Pymathon kommer, Pymathon killer!!!

Börje Östhof, Turku, Disember 2021

1. Abruption of Mortal Extinction 09:56
2. Morbid Ideas 06:36
3. Disaggregated Obstruction 07:45
4. Terminal Rapture of Void 07:01