Midlake - The trials of van occupanther (Gold) LP

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Midlake - The trials of van occupanther (Gold) LP
Midlake - The trials of van occupanther (Gold) LP
Midlake - The trials of van occupanther (Gold) LP
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In 2006, Van Occupanther was hailed as an instant
classic and over the course of the next year proved
to be the band’s commercial breakthrough. While
their debut, 2004’s Bamnan and Slivercork,
had drawn acclaim alongside comparisons to
Grandaddy and Radiohead, Midlake looked
further afield and deeper within for the follow-up.
Suffused with a romantic yearning for the simpler
life progress leaves behind, this was a record
pitched between 1871, 1971 and somewhere out
of time: between Henry David Thoreau and Neil
Young’s After the Gold Rush, between 1970s Laurel
Canyon thinking and a longing for something
more mysterious. Rich reserves of wistful melody,
dreamy horns, rolling guitars and plaintive pianos
reflect its elusive, idiosyncratic narratives: a
couple long to be robbed by bandits so they can
start anew, an outcast scientist ponders his pariah
status, a woman chases a frisky deer, a river leads
who knows where yet leaves you little choice but
to follow…
Released on 180 Gram gold vinyl to celebrate a
new Midlake album for 2022 and also the 15th
anniversary of The Trials of Van Occupanther last

1. Roscoe 04:46
2. Bandits 04:00
3. Head Home 05:41
4. Van Occupanther 03:11
5. Young Bride 04:51
6. Branches 05:02
7. In This Camp 05:40
8. We Gathered In Spring 03:32
9. It Covers The Hillsides 03:11
10. Chasing After Deer 02:40