Berkel, Jenny - These are the sounds left from leaving CD

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Berkel, Jenny - These are the sounds left from leaving CD
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“I wrote the album in a tiny apartment, at a time when everything felt big and overwhelming,” says poet and songwriter Jenny Berkel about her new album, These Are the Sounds Left from Leaving. She was living in a brownstone walk-up full of radiant light and the everpresent soundscape of a leaky bath faucet. It was a sudden move at the time—a spontaneous departure from touring, bustling city life, being many things to many people—that landed Jenny in a space of self-imposed stillness. “The songs themselves are a study of proximity, bringing big fears into small spaces,” says Jenny, reflecting on the album. “They’re intimate examinations of a world that often overwhelms.” The album features contributions from critically acclaimed folk duo Kacy & Clayton, and string arrangements by Colin Nealis (Andy Shauf)— the record was co-produced by Jenny alongside Dan Edmonds and Ryan Boldt (The Deep Dark Woods). Warm and dark, soft with stabs of madness, These Are the Sounds Left from Leaving is a cohesive collection of spare songs that bloom lushly with detail. A songwriter immersed in poetry, a poet immersed in music— her work in all its forms is an invitation into a world of relatable introspection, in which even absences can be sculpted into vividly memorable verse.

1. Just Like a River
2. Kaleidoscope
3. Watch You Fade
4. July
5. Lavender City
6. Under a Sky
7. You Think You're Like the Rain
8. Invisible You
9. Song of Yourself
10. Here Comes the Morning