Winhill/Losehill - The grief CD

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Winhill/Losehill - The grief CD
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The Grief is the third album by Swedish pop-group Winhill/Losehill: 12 vigorous and heartfelt songs charged with black-edged lyrics and melodies that seem torn from the fabric of the sky. After a seven year hiatus since the sextets symphonic Trouble Will Snowball (2015), the songwriting duo Jonas Svennem (composer, singer, producer) and Carl Åkerlund (lyrics) has written a spirited set of songs sure of their aim, dealing with dreams, regrets and getting through life and its setbacks without wanting to give up. Certain themes from the critically acclaimed debut Swing of Sorrow (2012) are also reappraised here: the son who lost his mother has now himself become a father, and the grief has turned a lighter shade. With its richly layered arrangements, electrifying instrumental performances and rousing rhythm section, The Grief is suffused with a spacious lustre of sounds that brings to mind Bon Iver, Arcade Fire or Rufus Wainwright, and warm organic acoustics reminiscent of The Band and Nina Simone. Mixed by Måns Lundberg (Ariel Pink, Shout Out Louds, Amason) and featuring Ji Nilsson (Pure Shores) on backing vocals, as well as in a heated duet with Jonas Svennem.