Living Daylights - Let's live for today: The complete recordings CD

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Living Daylights - Let's live for today: The complete recordings CD
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• First-ever issue of unknown Summer-of-1967 album by cult UK psychedelic pop group Living Daylights.

• Mono and stereo mixes of the album are joined by their brace of highly collectable singles, including their near- hit recording of ‘Let’s Live For Today’

Led by Garth Watt-Roy and his younger brother (future Blockhead) Norman, five-piece Harlow band Living Daylights signed with Beatles publisher Dick James in 1967. Paired with a studio production team that included Caleb Quaye, the band were given a song that James published, ‘Let’s Live For Today’, as their debut single.

Released in April 1967, it entered Radio London’s Fab Forty after being championed by the pirate station’s DJ John Peel. Also issued in America, the song showed significant sales potential, and Dick James decided the band should record an album that would be rushed out if the single became a success. Unfortunately, ‘Let’s Live For Today’ lost
out to a cover version by American band The Grass Roots, who scored a US Top Ten hit. Without a hit to support it, the Living Daylights’ album failed to appear, and the band split after a second single failed to find favour.

55 years later, that album finally gains a release, with mono and stereo mixes joined by their UK singles and American and Japanese versions. ‘Let’s Live For Today: The Complete Recordings’ is a vital addition to the pantheon of British psychedelic pop albums from the epochal year of 1967. This release includes a booklet that tells the band’s story for the first time, with quotes from both Garth and Norman Watt-Roy as well as the first-ever accurate band line-up and their tangential link to another Dick James project, Elliots Sunshine.

1 Let’s Live For Today
2 It’s Real (aka I’m Real)
3 Cos I’m Lonely
4 Up So High
5 Say You Don’t Mind
6 Jane
7 What’cha Gonna Do About It
8 Getting Better
9 I’ll Be Back
10 If I Had My Way
11 Always With Him SINGLES
12 Baila Maria
13 Let’s Live For Today (US single edit)

14 Cos I’m Lonely
15 Up So High
16 Say You Don’t Mind
17 Jane
18 What’cha Gonna Do About It
19 Getting Better
20 I’ll Be Back
21 If I Had My Way
22 Always With Him
23 Let’s Live For Today (Japanese single version – rechannelled stereo)

1-2 UK single, Philips BF 1561, released April 1967
3, 6 French EP, Fontana 460.234 ME, released October
11-12 UK single, Philips BF 1613, released October 1967
13 US single, Buddah BDA-2, released May 1967
23 Japanese single, Philips SFL-1127, released Nov 1967

Tracks 4-5, 7-10, 14-22 previously unreleased, recorded mid-1967