Stepney, Charles - Step on step 2LP

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Stepney, Charles - Step on step 2LP
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International Anthem proudly presents Step on Step, a double LP collection of newly unearthed solo home recordings created by enigmatic producer, arranger, and composer Charles Stepney in the basement of his home on the Southside of Chicago during the years before his untimely death in 1976. Stepney’s signature “baroque soul” sound is known to many as it’s heard in his prismatic orchestral arrangements for Rotary Connection, Minnie Riperton, Howlin Wolf, Terry Callier, Earth, Wind & Fire, and many more. His sound has been used by countless samplers in the hip-hop world including Kanye West, The Fugees, and MF Doom. But in comparison to the post-mortem renown of his sound, or the artists he supported while he was alive, Stepney is a greatly underappreciated figure… a genius relegated to the shadows.

Step on Step is Stepney’s eponymous debut album, featuring 23 bare-bones, demo-style home recordings, most of which are Stepney originals that were never again recorded by him or any other artist.

- 1 -
1. Roll Tape
2. Gimme Some Sugar
3. Gotta Dig It To Dig It
4. No Credit For This
5. Roadtrip
6. On Your Face
7. That's the Way of the World
8. Imagination
9. In the Basement
10. Business
- 2 -
1. Look B4u Leap
2. Around the House
3. Funky Sci Fi
4. Mini Mugg
5. Chicago Independent
6. Surround Stereo
7. Black Gold
8. Notes From Dad
9. Rubie & Charles
10. Greatness
11. Step On Step