Blind Channel - Blood brothers LP

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Blind Channel - Blood brothers LP
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27,90 €

Surprise Color Edition, with 500 copies on black, 300 on XXX and 199 on XXX vinyl.

The second step on the way to world domination - Blind Channel's sophomore album presented in a definitive edition with gatefold covers and liner notes.

Svart Records enters into a vinyl partnership with Ranka Kustannus and will in the future release select albums from their ever growing catalog on vinyl. The co-operation starts with Blind Channel, who've by now become a household name and one of the most important music export items currently out of Finland.

Svart Records will release definitive vinyl editions of all three albums Blind Channel released on Ranka - Revolutions, Violent Pop and Blood Brothers. All three shall be presented in a limited edition of 999 copies, split into classic black vinyl and two color editions, which are randomly available to customers. All three feature extensive liner notes and interviews by James Hickie.

A1 Trigger
A2 Sharks Love Blood
A3 Wolfpack
A4 Elephant In The Room
A5 Out Of Town
A6 My Heart Is A Hurricane

B1 Giants
B2 Like A Brother
B3 Alone Against All
B4 Scream
B5 I.D.F.U.
B6 Cant Hold Us