Fågelbörs - Marjassa (2nd pressing) LP

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Fågelbörs - Marjassa (2nd pressing) LP
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...in February 2020, just in time before the outbreak of the ongoing pandemic, four avant-garde jazz/free improvisation enthusiasts got together to play and hang out. The place for their meeting, a cosy studio (Odd Funk Records) in a small town in Southern Finland, has during the past ten years received a certain reputation - that of analogically recorded and mixed raw funk, afrobeat and a bit more twisted jazz.

These four pals, now known as Fågelbörs - drummer Jaakko Tolvi, the bassist Tero Kemppainen, saxophonist Matti Luokkanen and trumpeter Tuure Tammi – represent what could be called third wave of improvisatory music in Finland, Tolvi and Kemppainen being among the starting members of this wave in early 2000s.

Part 1 of the Marjassa LP is reminiscent to 60s avant-garde movements both soundwise and musically. It builds on the bubbling of the drums and bass and the solo exchanges between sax and trumpet, reminding of some of Ornette Coleman/Don Cherry stuff (or perhaps Noah Howard/Ric Colbeck). On the flip side we find a slowly moving atmosphere that builds towards a surprise in the end, a combination that might have structural reminiscence with Art Ensemble of Chicago live concerts. May the cheerful whistle stay with you dear friend...

1. Fågelbörs - Marjassa (Part 1) 16:38
2. Fågelbörs - Marjassa (Part 2) 16:03