Lehtisalo, Jussi - I Might Be Stuck CD

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Lehtisalo, Jussi - I Might Be Stuck CD
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Effortlessly, your feet work the ultra-clean clock signal, as you march deeper into the cavernous mining meshwork of the ever Fraggle-rocking druidic Doozers. Down toward The Nexus, eyes popping from their methaphorical sockets, at the sight of huge subterraneous vallum – carved over millennia, from immense basalt slabs of pure sound timbre, by thousands of minuscule, motorik hands – sky-scraping yet upward, awash with muted, warm light emanated by colossal spikes of 100 % natural, fluorescent UV rave stalagmite.

Through the lower regions, where Emerson Lake and Palmer meet Maggotron at night, fording in Dutch electro-sewage up to their jointlessly syncopated hips.

As you reach the nethermost, sub-aquatic level – eardrums sensually tingled by the pressure, shifted elegantly as Epernay champagne – the cruiser of the gillmen is already waiting, electrogenic thrusters warmed-up for warp record pace, fully rigged in its thalassic grotto hangar, ready to journey even deeper. The Voyage is about to begin!

File under: Lardossen motorik Fraggle-rock

Jussi Lehtisalo’s new album is a soundtrack for a live cinema performance by filmmaker Mika Taanila, premiered at the 69th International Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen in May 2022. The conceptual work is a collision Lehtisalo’s eerie film score, somewhat neurotic cleaning robots with infra-red cameras, and an extensive faux-artificial intelligence libretto penned by poet Harry Salmenniemi. The music here is fully electronic, beautiful balance of bittersweet melodies à la Kavinsky, occasional bursts of 1990s wax-trax-sound-a-like with the signature melancholy touch only found in Pori. Cover art by Tuomo Parikka.

1. The Floor 05:58
2. Don't Panic 04:23
3. Towards the Wall 03:51
4. Don't Stop 08:12
5. Rest Soon 04:21
6. Don't Risk 09:00
7. I Was Tired and Hit Something 06:21
8. Impossible 05:03
9. Always the Same 05:29
10. It's Good 07:17
11. Some Challenges Today 05:13