Romano, Daniel - Dandelion LP

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Romano, Daniel - Dandelion LP
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In 2020, Daniel Romano and his increasingly exalted band “The Outfit” were forced home, faced with the cancellation of tours and all live engagements at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost immediately, Daniel instigated a near legendary run of new albums, releasing 10 full-length albums in the span of nearly the same number of weeks. Genre-spanning, astoundingly distinct artistic achievements, these albums were originally released exclusively in digital only formats on Bandcamp. They were direct and immediate missives from one of the most talented, prolific, ambitious, and exciting artists of his generation. We are thrilled to release these albums now in very special limited-edition vinyl pressings.


“Dandelion” blooms a previously undiscovered and unknown sweet spot between 60’s psychedelia and 70’s power-pop, equally pastoral and street-wise, every note tuned to moving and astounding melody. “Dandelion” offers lush arrangements of unforgettable, legend-making songs, performed entirely by Daniel himself.

“In the spring of the year, God-like bodies imagine themselves into existence. Sprouting from crust and seed into the rich meats of reality. They speak not and know not, and yet they dance and sing inside the warming wind. A song too is born of this improbable metamorphosis. From the abyss around the prism and then summoned through it into light. This is the mystical posture of life. The reaction of nothing against nothing to form “something” — beauty or savagery — it becomes ours to delineate. But in its essence it is us and we are it and neither are either or anything. These songs are the offerings of spring. They draw breath apart from breath. In you and in me, parallel and reversed, true and false, bloomed from the mists of mystery and held only by what cannot hold.” – Daniel Romano

If You Don't Or If You Do
Maybe Today Will Be Curious
Plum Forever
Silent Spring
She's In A Folded Wing (But Flying)
The Farther Side Of Love
Ain't That Enough For You
The Patience Of A Kiss