Polymoon - Chrysalis LP

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Polymoon - Chrysalis LP
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"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite." - William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
Psychedelic rock has always been, above all else, a vessel to free the spirit and set the soul wandering. Progressive rock, on the other hand, perpetually aims at nurturing the intellect and broadening the definition of what we call music. In the sonic cosmos of Polymoon, these two galaxies collide with formidable results, giving birth to a new star of progressive psychedelia.
Stark heaviness melting into wistful melodies, further meandering into a fractal-like sense of progressive beatuy, "Chrysalis" is an album that humbly asks you to chew carefully, appreciative. This is not fast food rock, neither is it a records that reveals all its secrets and little intricacies at the first spin. However, it is a record that is very rewarding for the psych prog connoisseurs out there. And we know you'll appreciate such an interstellar journey. From gargantuan prog rock opener "Crown of the Universe" via the heavy hydra that is "Set the Sun" to the serpentine splendour that is "Viper at the Gates of Dawn" (pun intended), Polymoon really come into their own on "Chrysalis". Without knowing, they are about to drop one of the most fascinating, exciting and intricate psychedelic rock albums of recent times. To infinity and beyond.

A1 Crown Of The Universe
A2 Wave Back To Confusion
A3 Instar: d) Shapeshifter e) Way Out f) Chrysalis
B1 Set The Sun
B2 A Day In The Air
B3 Viper At The Gates Of Dawn