The Ducks (Neil Young) - High flyin' 3LP

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The Ducks (Neil Young) - High flyin' 3LP
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High Flyin' is a totally unique double-live album from the summer of 1977 recorded by a storied Northern California aggregation called The Ducks. It was a band that often made unannounced appearances in their own backyards at clubs like the Back Room, The Crossroads Club, The Catalyst and others, featuring Neil Young (guitar, harmonica and vocals), Bob Mosley (bass and vocals), Jeff Blackburn (guitar and vocals) and Johnny Craviotto (drums & vocals). In the magical time The Ducks existed, the rumors of their shows took on a word-of-mouth excitement that made those in the small audiences feel like the chosen few and allowed bragging rights for all who were lucky enough to be there. The quartet’s set lists included songs from a wide range of the band members' backgrounds and were often decided on the night of the shows. This new collection of those nights, as well as two evenings at the nearby Magical Devices studio have been bootlegged for decades, and High Flyin’ is now an official release many fans never thought would happen. It continues the freewheeling spirit of The Ducks themselves and shows how rock & roll surprises remain limitless.

Side 1
1. I Am a Dreamer
2. Younger Days
3. Gypsy Wedding
4. Are You Ready For The Country?
5. Hold On Boys

Side 2
1. My My My (Poor Man)
2. I’m Tore Down
3. Hey Now
4. Wide Eyed and Willing
5. Truckin’ Man

Side 3
1. Sail Away
2. Gone Dead Train
3. Silver Wings

Side 4
1. Human Highway
2. Your Love
3. I’m Ready
4. Little Wing
5. Car Tune

Side 5
1. Windward Passage
2. Leaving Us Now
3. Mr. Soul

Side 6
1. Two Riders
2. Honky Tonk Man
3. Sailor Man
4. Silver Wings


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