Sexsmith, Ron - The Vivian line LP

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Sexsmith, Ron - The Vivian line LP
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The Vivian Line is the 17th album entry in Ron Sexsmith’s compelling discography, one matched by very few contemporary singer/songwriters. His catalogue has earned him immense peer respect and a loyal international following, and this new release (out on Warner Music Canada/Cooking Vinyl in February 2023) captures Ron at the top of his creative game. With one exception, these new songs all flowed from Sexsmith’s fertile musical and lyrical imagination in a short period of 2021 during covid. “The songs came out of nowhere,” Ron explains. “I wasn’t really writing after the [2020] release of my previous album, Hermitage. The older I get, the more I think ‘maybe this is it,’ but then I found myself with new ideas again and got excited."

1. Place Called Love
2. What I Had In Mind
3. Flower Boxes
4. Outdated and Antiquated
5. Diamond Wave
6. Powder Blue
7. One Bird Calling
8. Country Mile
9. This, That and the Other Thing
10. A Barn Conversion
11. When Our Love Was New
12. Ever Wonder