El Perro Del Mar - Big Anonymous CD

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El Perro Del Mar - Big Anonymous CD
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Swedish multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer El Perro del Mar, the alter ego of Sarah Assbring, is excited to announce the release of her new album Big Anonymous for 16th February 2024, her first following recent signing with City Slang. Today’s announcement is accompanied by brand-new track, “In Silence”. Assbring’s haunting, skittering vocals drift across shuddering instrumentation, stark and emotionally askew, a seamless introduction to the themes of grief, loss, mortality and darkness that intricately weave through the soul of Big Anonymous.

EPdM says - “As the feelings of grief and loss wear off, you enter another realm of guilt. The guilt of not mourning enough, of going on living though someone’s gone. This song is about the ghost not accepting that it’s dead. I realised I was actually thinking like this which made it increasingly difficult to move on. I’d stayed on with the dead. I think it’s a common thing and it’s such a dark place to be in. You can’t really reason with the dead. That’s something I’ve come to understand.”

These themes are reflected in the accompanying visual, which is lifted from a short art / horror film, written by El Perro del Mar, longtime collaborator, stylist and art director Nicole Walker and photographer Joseph Kadow.