Hazlewood, Lee - Cowboy in Sweden 2LP

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Hazlewood, Lee - Cowboy in Sweden 2LP
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By the end of the 1960s Lee Hazlewood’s LHI Records had burned piles of cash, gone through a half dozen distributors and failed to achieve the kind of chart success “Boots” had promised. Fortunately for Lee there was a land where he was still on the top of the charts, a place where women flowed like Brännvin...Sweden was calling. Released as the last LHI LP, Cowboy in Sweden was a soundtrack to the 1970 cult classic film of the same name starring Lee Hazlewood. The film was a surreal psychedelic account of Lee’s journey to his new homeland, while the soundtrack was a perfect compilation of Hazlewood’s orchestral melancholy country pop songs. Recorded over a prolific globe trotting three year period, Lee’s peak on LHI records was ironically the label’s swan song.

Newly Expanded Deluxe Double LP Edition!
Double LP expanded edition includes outtakes, demos and instrumentals, including 10 previously unreleased recordings
26 total tracks
Album remastered from pristine LHI master tapes by GRAMMY®-nominated mastering engineer John Baldwin
Liner notes by GRAMMY®-nominated reissue producer Hunter Lea including interviews with Torbjörn Axelman, Suzi Jane Hokom, Nina Lizell, Don Randi, Hal Blaine and Shel Talmy
Rare film production photos from the Torbjörn Axelman archive
Double LP housed in a gatefold jacket