Moon Shot - The power CD

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Moon Shot - The power CD
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Scrap the old-school idea of a rock band. Then enter the world of MOON SHOT where insight and experience replace youthful chaos as the thing that leads to great rock’n’roll. This is timeless music that sits right at home in the times we live in. Honest-to-rock melodies go big and themes strike deep.

The way the world is throwing up craziness upon us, no twenty-something rock star can shock us with some old-fashioned hotel room obliteration before the break of dawn. We need new ways to get our release from the mad world because the old cliches are no longer relevant. For Moon Shot, the no nonsense let-the-music-do-the-wowing approach has been clear from moment zero –instead of the fly high and burn Icarus-type lifestyle (their past is familiar with that too), they come at us with a common sense approach, rewriting the rock’n’roll dream as something lasting. With tunes that give you release.

Where once there was posturing, now it’s about showing your burns, cuts and fragility. Being honest! While also having fun and making touching power tunes with melodies big enough to build bridges between planets, nations, ex-lovers or estranged family members.

First, let’s take a look at how Moon Shot actually got to this place called now. Like any moonshot, it’s a dream before it becomes reality. This is true of the moon landing (d’uh), pretty much any rock band ever started by a pimply teen (applies to these guys’ former bands Children of Bodom, Disco Ensemble and Lapko), creating the greatest stamp collection in the world or renovating the hell out of your home. Whatever makes your dreams tick. Always: first imagination, then action.

In the case of Moon Shot, whose debut Confession hit us in the collective gut in October 2021, that dream was following a first career in bands with which they grew into musicians. Who knew what would happen before putting out tracks to burn your socks off and heading out to engage with people at gigs. It was just four guys getting together to make music hot on the heels of decades making music and touring like hectic evil-eyed-bunnies.

Well, spoiler alert, good stuff happened.

Really. Things just flew up, up and away – this was a moonshot to a new planet of sound to introduce us to honest-to-rock 21st century rock’n’roll. And the guys are still accelerating on that high of a loving reception.

Jussi Ylikoski - Guitars
Henkka Seppälä - Bass
Ville Malja - Vocals
Mikko Hakila - Drums

1 Life is a Killer
2 Blackened Spiral
3 The Power
4 Arms Around Me
5 Shadow Boxer
6 Yes!
7 Ride Faster
8 Stars Are Holes
9 Supercharged Love
10 Deep Hood
11 1800 Nights