Dehd - Poetry CD

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Dehd - Poetry CD
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Dehd kicks off 2024 by releasing their fifth studio album, Poetry via Fat Possum Records. Following the whirlwind success of Dehd’s fourth album Blue Skies and hit single “Bad Love”, they first gathered at Kempf’s off-grid Earthship in Taos, New Mexico where they chopped wood to stay warm and wrote songs during the daylight. They then travelled to a cabin on the Puget Sound to set up their second writing camp where surrounded by chilly waters, time was marked only by the movement of the tides. “Eating, Sleeping, Breathing, Living - our only purpose was to write,” Kempf recalled. This was the first time the band travelled to distinctly notable locations to write and inspire themselves. Leaving Chicago proved to be a watershed moment. They finalized the songs that became Poetry back in Chicago in the warehouse they’ve called home for nearly a decade, where they rehearsed and wrote their entire catalogue. Friend and producer Ziyad Asrar, who co-produced all three Whitney albums, co-produced the album alongside the band’s Jason Balla at Palisade Studio. For fans of classy garage rock, The Strokes, a happy and upbeat Velvet Underground, The Jesus and Mary Chain without the fuzz but with all the hooks and Weezer.

1 Dog Days
2 Hard To Love
3 Mood Ring
4 Necklace
5 Alien
6 Light On
7 Pure Gold
8 Dist B
9 So Good
10 Don't Look Down
11 Knife
12 Shake
13 Magician
14 Forget