Auguri, Joanna Gemma - Hiraeth CD

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Auguri, Joanna Gemma - Hiraeth CD
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Joanna Gemma Auguri releases her new album "Hiraeth" on 28th June via Duchess Box Records

Joanna Gemma Auguri is a Berlin musician, songwriter and actress. In the various stages ofher musical solo and band projects, she incorporates influences from folk, ambient andavant-garde music. Being five years old she escaped with her parents from Poland, which was under martial law, and had to learn at an early age what uprooting means. This experience is reflected in her music as an expression of personal sadness, compassion, but also despair about the state of the world.2021 she released her solo debut "11" on her own label Lavender Music. It was mainly characterized by accordion, zitherand her vocals. Her new album "Hiraeth" was recorded at Candy Bomber Studios in Berlin by Ingo Krauss, with a large number of musicians. Besides choir, double bass, lap steel guitar, drums, cello, horns , different organs and keyboards her original instruments accordion and zither still shine through from time to time. Joanna's voice sits unmistakable on top of the majestic,nearly monumental compositions which despite their richness always stay basic and delicate. "Hiraeth" is an untranslatable Welsh word that describes the longing for a home, a place or a feeling that no longer exists or never existed.The album will be released June 2024 on Duchess Box from Berlin.

1 All You Can Eat
2 Break Out
3 What We Call Love
4 Little Bird
5 Alone
6 Isle of Longing
7 Circles
8 Your Dark Colours
9 Last Dance (feat.Keeley Forsyth)
10 Faith Lost