DiFranco, Ani - Unprecedented sh!t (Coke bottle clear) LP

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DiFranco, Ani - Unprecedented sh!t (Coke bottle clear) LP
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These days, every artist’s album needs to have a story. The music can’t speak for itself. But after 22 records, why can’t Ani DiFranco’s work speak for itself? Yes, her forthcoming album is shaped by stories — ones about reproductive freedom, the double-edged sword of the pandemic, identity and ever-evolving belief systems that have shaped each of its 11 songs. It was paramount to the folk-feminist hero that listeners not be saddled with preconceived notions while diving into her 23rd album Unprecedented Sh!t. While many of DiFranco’s albums were made more insularly, she’s opened herself up to collaboration in recent years. For 21 of DiFranco’s 22 albums, she opted to self-produce. With Unprecedented Sh!t, she wanted to try working with a producer and tapped BJ Burton, who produced one of her favorite albums, Bon Iver’s 22, A Million. The title Unprecedented Sh!t is not only representative of how much of a sonic departure the 11-track album is from Ani’s other work, but also a political and social commentary on the current state of the world.

1 Spinning Room
2 Virus
3 More or Less Free
4 Baby Roe
5 Unprecedented Sh!t
6 New Bible
7 Boots of a Soldier
8 You Forgot to Speak
9 The Thing At Hand
10 Interlude
11 The Knowing