Airaksinen Pekka - Vitae tennis nest LP

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Airaksinen Pekka - Vitae tennis nest LP
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First part of recors is piano music. Composed and played in 1998. First influenses were Cecil Taylor and Lennie Tristano in jazz genre. Also music of Conlon Nancarrow, Straviskys Les Noces and Philip Glass. In some pieces there is conversation with delay which makes it sound future robotic baroque music. Stress Graff no 11 is conserto for piano, delay and rhythm maschine. Hairstreak annoyer, Reinsman earthshaker and Hieronymus (only in cd) are from mid 90`s. They are stange flowers from seeds planted thirty or more years before with assistanse of Ligeti, Varese, Pendereski.

Side one
1. Vienna estes tint 1 (02:51)
2. Vienna estes tint 2 (05:48)
3. Visa tense intent (03:03)
4. Vienna estes tint 3 (02:54)
5. Acme con lent (03:24)
6. Bell Eunice (00:50)
Side two
1. Lam Ice (03:17)
2. Stress Graff No 11 (07:28)
3. Hairtreak annoyer (04:09)
4. Reinsman earthshaker (04:48)