Motelli Skronkle - Susien laki LP

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Motelli Skronkle - Susien laki LP
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Motelli Skronkle was a Finnish post-punk/art-rock band principally active between 1983 and 1994.

Formed by theatre director Hannu Raatikainen, theatre actor Esko Varonen, and film actor Markku Peltola (best known for his frequent appearances in the films of Aki Kaurismäki, including a starring role in the Oscar-nominated Man Without a Past), the band was strongly influenced by performance art and incorporated European theatrical traditions alongside aesthetics influenced by Australian Aboriginal music. Following the three original members, Peter Rajanti joined the band in 1987, followed by Jakke Kivelä in 1990.

In keeping with the theatre/drama background of its founders, Motelli Skronkle's performances were accordingly theatrical. Writer Saku Heinonen summed the band up with the description, "Theatre, music, performance, blasphemy," but mused that 20 years on the band had become in Finland "a cultural institution [despite being created for the very] purpose [of] resisting cultural institutions and all kinds of structures." (Wikipedia)

Motelli Skronkle: Susien laki LP (krypt-096) is originally released in 1992.