Reed, Eli -Paperboy - My way home LP

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Reed, Eli -Paperboy - My way home LP
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Eli Paperboy Reed has returned to the studio and crafted a new album that is at once back-to-basics and startlingly current. Album opener "Hold Out" kicks things off at full-volume, embodying the classic gospel ethos that everything's going to work out fine if you just keep the faith. It's a notion that turns up throughout the record, from the title track “My Way Home” to "Tomorrow's Not Promised" to "Movin'," and it reflects Reed's resilient spirit in the face of disappointment. Elsewhere on the album, he nods to the music's church roots, singing of fear of the devil on "The Strangest Thing" and damnation on "Cut Ya Down" (the only non-original on the record and a song he learned performing with Boston’s Silver Leaf Gospel Singers, founded in 1945). "What Have We Done" is something of a secular hymn for the environment, and "I'd Rather Be Alone" serves as a meditation on following your own path to salvation.

01. Hold Out
02. Your Sins Will Find You Out
03. Cut Ya Down
04. Movin'
05. Tomorrow's Not Promised
06. My Way Home
07. Eyes On You
08. The Strangest Thing
09. I'd Rather Be Alone
10. A Few More Days
11. What Have We Done