Kansas - Vinyl confessions

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Kansas - Vinyl confessions
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Originally released in 1982, “Vinyl Confessions” is a tribute to the success that can be obtained through innovative and progressive attitudes in music. Kansas’ brand of home grown art rock has provided us with some of the brightest moments ever recorded in rock and roll. Never before released on CD, “Vinyl Confessions” includes the eternal hit “Play The Game Tonight”. “Vinyl Confessions” was a major turning point for the band. After the conversion of both guitarist/ keyboard player Kerry Livgren and bass player Dave Hope to Christianity, and the focus that Livgren placed on his religion in the band’s lyrics, lead singer Steve Walsh became disenchanted with the new direction of the band and left to form his own band. Walsh had contributed much as a songwriter, so the band was forced to find a new lead singer who not only had a vocal style that fit the band’s music, but also could contribute material for the upcoming album. After a long audition process, the choice came down to three strong candidates: Warren Ham, Michael Gleason and John Elefante. The band eventually settled on Elefante.

1. Play The Game Tonight
2. Right Away
3. Fair Exchange
4. Chasing Shadows
5. Diamonds And Pearls
6. Face It
7. Windows
8. Borderline
9. Play On
10. Crossfire