Abrahamson Jennie - Reverseries

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Abrahamson Jennie - Reverseries
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Swedish Pop chanteuse Jennie Abrahamson’s ‘Reverseries’ is a stunning ten track collection of unique, ethereal Pop songs that deal with intimacy, relationships, humanity and love; an emotive, interpersonal compendium of issues close to the heart. It's the follow-up to Abrahamson’s 2014- release ‘Gemini Gemini’, which was nominated for IMPALA’s European Indie Album of the Year. Following that release, Abrahamson and her band toured extensively through Europe including support tours with Peter Gabriel and Peter, Bjorn and John, an experience that shaped the sound of the new record. Together with her long-term studio partner Johannes Berglund (Shout Out Louds, Owen Pallett, The Knife) and the rest of her band, they set up a goal to try and maintain the energy and the warmth of the sound they had created live on the road with hypnotic and crystalline vocals.

1 Safe Tonight
2 You Won Me Over
3 To The Water
4 Bloodlines
5 Anyone Who
6 Not In My Name
7 Man In You
8 Don't Talk
9 Summer
10 Lift Me Up