Clark, Gene - Echoes CD

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Clark, Gene - Echoes CD
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Echoes is a 1991 reissue of Gene Clark’s debut album with the Gosdin Brothers in 1967. This album has a different running order, remixed versions of the tracks and includes a previously unreleased (demo) version of “you say you lost your baby” and other outtakes. After The Byrds, Gene Clark was determined to release his own work and continue solo. His efforts resulted in a solid folk-rock album with at the time newly written songs as well as songs written during his time with The Byrds. Echoes is a brilliant melodic album that presents Gene Clark at his best.

1 Boston
2 For Me Again
3 I Knew I’d Want You
4 Here Without You
5 Set You Free This Time
6 If You’re Gone
7 Is Yours Is Mine
8 So You Say You Lost Your Baby
9 Tried So Hard
10 Needing Someone
11 Echoes
12 The Same One
13 Couldn’t Believe Her
14 Keep On Pushin’
15 I Found You
16 Elecator Operator
17 Think I’m Gonna Feel Better
18 The French Girl
19 Only Colombe
20 So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Prev Unreleased Acoustic Demo