Sisters of Mercy - Some girls wander by mistake 2LP+2x12"

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Sisters of Mercy - Some girls wander by mistake 2LP+2x12"
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SOME GIRLS WANDER BY MISTAKE, a title taken from a Leonard Cohen lyric, and the title for the album that comprises the earliest days of The Sisters of Mercy’s career, before signing to WEA in 1984. Featuring everything from their very first single, 1980’s ‘The Damage Done’, debuted on the band’s own Merciful Release label, through their early indie rise to cult acclaim with ‘Alice’, ‘Temple of Love’ and “The Reptile House EP”.

Continuing the series of ‘era’ box set releases, we will be compiling these Merciful Release recordings into the ‘Some Girls Wander By Mistake’ box for release this September; featuring the original album, on 180g double LP, plus two 12” singles taken from that era “Temple of Love (1992)” and “Under the Gun”. The 12” EPs will also include the 1992 version of ‘Temple Of Love’ featuring Ofra Haza, the Canadian Club Mix of ‘Vision Thing’ (their final official recording), ‘Under The Gun’ featuring Terri Nunn of Berlin fame plus a 1993, re-recorded version of 1982’s ‘Alice’.

RECORDS 1 & 2: “Some Girls Wander By Mistake” (2LP)

Some Girls Wander By Mistake (1981-1983)
Side 1
1. Alice
2. Floorshow
3. Phantom
4. 1969

Side 2
1. Kiss The Carpet
2. Lights
3. Valentine
4. Fix
5. Burn
6. Kiss The Carpet (Reprise)

Side 3
1. Temple Of Love (Extended Version 1983)
2. Heartland
3. Gimme Shelter

Side 4
1. The Damage Done
2. Watch
3. Home Of The Hit-Men
4. Body Electric
5. Adrenochrome
6. Anaconda

RECORD 3: “Temple Of Love (1992)” (12”)
Temple Of Love (1992)

Side 1
1. Temple Of Love (1992) Touched By The Hands Of Ofra Haza

Side 2
1. Vision Thing (Canadian Club Remix)

RECORD 4: “Under The Gun” (12”)
Under The Gun (1993)

Side 1
1. Under The Gun (Metropolis Mix)

Side 2
1. Alice (1993 version)
2. Under The Gun (Jutland Mix)