Cale John - Honi soit

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Cale John - Honi soit
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‘Honi Soit’ is the seventh solo studio album for the founding member of the legendary New York experimental art rock band the Velvet Underground. Like the Velvet’s Banana cover the ‘Honi Soit’ artwork was also created by Andy Warhol. The album kicks off with the magnificent ‘Dead Or Alive’, a song with a catchy riff that, while radio-friendly, still has overtones of the classic Cale weirdness. This is John Cale after his working with and producing in the seventies punk-era from bands and artists like The Stooges, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Patti Smith and the legendary debut album by The Modern Lovers. This is the only album that charted in the U.S. from this underrated genius.

1. Dead Or Alive
2. Strange Times In Casablanca
3. Fighter Pilot
4. Wilson Joliet
5. Streets Of Laredo
6. Honi Soit
7. Riverbank
8. Russian Roulette
9. Magic & Lies