Dosik Joey - Inside voice

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Dosik Joey - Inside voice
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If you've been following Joey Dosik's career at all, it should come as no surprise that 'Inside Voice' consistently, utterly nails it. Dosik has honed his craft as part of a burgeoning Los Angeles scene that reinvents past forms of popular music to exist in the present tense. He is a regular collaborator with Vulfpeck, was named by Quincy Jones as an artist to watch, and has released music of his own, most recently 2017's EP, Game Winner. On his full-length debut, Dosik starts out simply enough — glimpses of Dosik's vocal range hover over a sparse piano and guitar arrangement, anchored by snapping fingers. It's quiet but — in keeping with the song's concept, which Dosik described as "deep, sexual, but also kind of silly"— it's also a thrilling, intimate moment, one where the purity of the melody and Dosik's spot-on phrasing fall perfectly in line. For as prolific as he's been, and as much of a name as he's made for himself, it's only with 'Inside Voice' that Dosik is getting the chance to show how much he can do, and how much ground he can cover without losing sight of his foundation.

Inside Voice
Get It Right
Take Mine
Down The Middle (VHS Interlude)
Past The Point
Grandma Song
Don't Want It To Be Over (ft. Coco O.)
Inside Voice (Reprise)
Emergency Landing
In Heaven
One More Time
Game Winner (Stadium Version)