Other Years - The Other Years LP

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Other Years - The Other Years LP
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Out now is the debut album from Louisville, Kentucky duo The Other Years. The group, made up of Anna Krippenstapel and Heather Summers, recorded the album over 3 days in late May. The pair met as freshman college roommates, and began playing music together in the dorm room, then later at old time parties, where anyone who wanted to play could just show up and jam all night. They remained friends, but didn’t form The Other Years until nearly a decade later.

“The duo fashion songs about emotions that feel larger than any mountain or river, feelings just beyond naming. Yet the sound is small, contained, intimate: The Other Years work only with what these two musicians can play and sing, which forces them to be inventive, to make every note count. ” – Stereogum

1. Red-Tailed Hawk
2. Adaline
3. Sinks of Gandy / Maysville
4. Talkeetna
5. Fair Ellen
6. White Marble
7. Chapel On Pine Mountain
8. Lantern Song
9. Wildegeeses
10. Bridges