The Delines - The imperial LP

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The Delines - The imperial LP
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The second (or you could say third) album from The Delines is finally set for release on Jan 11th 2019. Uncut gave their first album 9/10 stars and praised its “widescreen romanticism”, calling it “the richest collection of songs Vlautin has written.” Evoking the feel of a beat-up Dusty Springfield or a weary Rickie Lee Jones, Colfax made a dozen top ten records of the year lists and the Delines sold out venues in the UK, Ireland, and had successful tours in the Europe and Australia.

The band was in the midst of working on the follow up to Colfax when singer, Amy Boone, was hit by a car while walking on a sidewalk in Austin, Texas. Both her legs were broken, she was hospitalized for over a month, and went on to have eight major surgeries. The band stopped completely and waited and hoped for her recovery.

Now three years later, Amy is finally on the mend and The Delines are back with their sophomore effort, The Imperial. Where Colfax was an experiment, The Imperial is the result of a year of touring, the solidification of the lineup, and months of rehearsals. Recorded in Portland, Oregon and produced by John Morgan Askew, The Imperial shows us again why songwriter, Willy Vlautin became so enamored with Amy Boone’s voice. It’s both beat up and wise, pretty and weary. The combination of Vlautin’s songs and Boone’s voice creates a late night country soul world full of hopefulness and heartbreak. This sound is now fully realized with the addition of multi-instrumentalist, Cory Gray.

1. Cheer Up Charley 03:26
2. The Imperial 05:23
3. Where Are You Sonny? 03:58
4. Let's Be Us Again 04:00
5. Roll Back My Life 03:30
6. Eddie And Polly 04:05
7. Holly The Hustle 05:46
8. That Old Haunted Place 03:05
9. He Don't Burn For Me 05:13
10. Waiting On The Blue 03:03