The Strange - Echo chamber LP

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The Strange - Echo chamber LP
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Echo Chamber is the long awaited sequel to The Strange's debut album Nights of Forgotten Films (2004). A unique collaboration of Croatian surf rock band The Bambi Molesters with US singer-songwriter Chris Eckman of the Walkabouts. For those who did not know yet: The Bambi Molesters expanded the boundaries of the surf-rock genre and made a name for themselves as one of the finest instrumental rock bands. In 2010 they released "As The Dark Wave Swells" one of their best albums on Glitterhouse Records. The new album is a bit more varied and deeper than Nights of Forgotten Films. For example, Killing Time sounds like a lost country soul song from the '60s, dime a dozen like funk rock from the early' 70s, and broken down blues like a blues feat of Leonard Cohen. Beautiful twang guitars, elegant brass, tasteful keyboards and delightful strings give the feeling that Echo Chamber is the echo of baroque-pop legends like Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walkers, Van Dyke Parks or Burt Bacharach.