Coldcut - Philosophy CD

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Coldcut - Philosophy CD
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‘Coldcut’ are a British dj-duo who celebrated their 30 years of electronic music making in 2017. From their origins as “the first Brit artists to really get hip-hop’s class-cutup aesthetic,” they introduced rap to ravers and they created sounds unlike anyone else. Jon More and Matt Black changed the face of emergent dance music. Their remix of Eric B and Rakim’s “Paid in Full” took their radical sound mainstream. They soon took the pop world by storm, introducing Yazz and Lisa Stansfield to the world, and producing both artists’ most memorable hits. ‘Coldcut’ has remixed and created productions on tracks by the likes of James Brown, Queen Latifah, Eurythmics, INXS, Steve Reich, Blondie, The Fall, Pierre Henry, and Nina Simone.

1. Philosophy
2. Chocolate Box
3. Pearls Before Swine
4. What We’re Living For
5. Leaving Home
6. Dreamer (Ecu Mix)
7. Peace & Love
8. Kinda Natural
9. Angel Heart
10. Autumn Leaves
11. Sign
12. Fat Bloke
13. Dreamer (Crazy Swing Mix)
14. Bare Leaves