Gob Iron - Death song for the living LP

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Gob Iron - Death song for the living LP
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Gob Iron (British slang for a harmonica) is a side project for Son Volt and Uncle Tupelo founder Jay Farrar. Teaming up with his friend (and Varnaline front man) Anders Parker, Farrar has recorded an album of new takes on American folk standards. Also known as the folk process, these are old songs by the likes of Stephen Foster and The Reverend JM Gates which have been given new lyrics or new arrangements in an effort to re-interpret the songs in a fresh way. Recorded over the course of just two days, Death Songs For The Living represents two craftsmen stepping out and taking a chance on some of the music that they hold most dear. Also included is the brand new Farrar original Buzz & Grind.

1. Death's Black Train
2. Instrumental #1
3. Hard Times
4. Instrumental #2
5. Hills of Mexico
6. Instrumental #3
7. Silicosis Blues
8. Instrumental #4
9. Wayside Tavern
10. Instrumental #5
11. Nicotine Blues
12. Instrumental #6
13. Death is only a Dream
14. Instrumental #7
15. East Virginia Blues
16. Instrumental #8
17. Little Girl and Dreadful Snake
18. Instrumental #9
19. Buzz & Grind