Grave Siesta - Voidward spin LP

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Grave Siesta - Voidward spin LP
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Grave Siesta gave it's first utterance in spring 2010 when Juha and Sami saw their other death’n’roll band Rite from Mikkeli go on hiatus and wanted to do some new slow and heavy stuff. Mikko was hired for the bass and the group started jamming to some Danzig and Black Sabbath. No one wanted to pick up the vocal duties so enter the karaoke crooner Taito to live out his teenage dream.

During some years of local gigging, couple of visits to Estonia and rehearsals the band started to find their own style which didn't seem to exactly fit any specific genre. The songs drifted from traditional doom metal to death metal to something else. Music is therapy and the band camaraderie didn't suffer a bit from the varied song material.

Second album "Piss & Vinegar" went towards the rawer end of the spectrum thus far and was again recorded at Pulu-Studio and self-released in 2015. Slow and steady does it and by the time there was enough material for the 3rd album the band really found the basis of their sound. In summer 2018 the band discovered a studio and an engineer who knew a lot more on the type of sound they all wanted. Saarni-studio delivered and the outcome can be heard on the latest album: "Voidward Spin".

1. Vacant Throne
2. Intolerance
3. Weakness
4. Seizures in a Castle

1. Depopulation Prayer
2. Warfare & Pestilence
3. Bastardized
4. Post World Peace