Earthbound Machine - Destined for the grave LP

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Earthbound Machine - Destined for the grave LP
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Destined for the Grave is Earthbound Machine's debut full length, the songs and sound honed carefully on countless gigs overseas and in Finland during the time period of 2014-2017. After Earthbound Machine’s last release, Messengers of Deception 3-song vinyl (2014), the band focused on developing the sound, songs and texts gig by gig, rehearsal by rehearsal until the time was right to hit the legendary Mankku studio with the band’s trusted sound engineer.

The 6 songs were recorded in a traditional way - 3-day studio live instrumental recordings with the vocals laid on top of the tracks later on. The album’s studio live recording philosophy was inspired by the early doom bands of the 70s, yet the sound crafted by the band has no flirt with contemporary retro doom boom nor the plethora of Electric Wizard influenced sludgy bands.

Earthbound Machine are simply after creating crushing heavy instrumental sound to support the melodic and clean epic vocal style of Ilkka Haavisto. The lyrical themes of the songs are typically doomy, dealing with classy and timeless topics such as homicide, war, misery and corruption, yet hopefully offering fresh perspective.

1. Figures in a Terrain
2. Rallies in Rage
3. Man in the Attic
4. Marrow
5. In its Absence
6. The Undoing