Fritz Jonny - Dad country

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Fritz Jonny - Dad country
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Nashville songwriter Jonny Fritz is releasing the second track from his ATO Records, debut Dad Country, out April 16. Titled “Goodbye Summer,” the track is a non-glamorous, droll observation of the touring lifestyle and the kind of people you meet on the road, including an older “lover with a wedding ring.” Featuring Jonny’s distinctive, expressive vocals set against honkytonk fiddle, it’s a fresh take on the classic, pure country sound. Jonny’s songs are about the things people think but don’t dare say out loud. “The things that get me to want to write a song are the things that I find funny, and the things I find funny are the things that offend people or are swept away or go unnoticed or unsaid,” he says. “They carry so much more weight because they’ve never been touched on.”

1 Goodbye Summer -
2 All We Do is Complain -
3 Holy Water -
4 Social Climbers -
5 Ain't It Your Birthday -
6 Shut Up -
7 Wrong Crowd -
8 Have You Ever Wanted to Die -
9 Fever Dreams -
10 Trash Day -
11 Suck In Your Gut -
12 Instrumental -