Earle, Justin Townes - The saint of lost causes 2LP

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Earle, Justin Townes - The saint of lost causes 2LP
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The Saint Of Lost Causes is the 8th album from American roots troubadour, Justin Townes Earle. Earle’s latest album finds a songwriter and artist who is unflinching and unequivocal in his truth. When writing this album, Earle focused on a different America—the disenfranchised and the downtrodden, the oppressed and the oppressors, the hopeful and the hopeless. There’s the drugstore-cowboy-turned-cop-killer praying for forgiveness (“Appalachian Nightmare”) and the common Michiganders persevering through economic and industrial devastation (“Flint City Shake It”); the stuck mother dreaming of a better life on the right side of the California tracks (“Over Alameda”) and the Cuban man in New York City weighed down by a world of regret (“Ahi Esta Mi Nina”); the “used up” soul desperate to get to New Orleans (“Ain’t Got No Money”) and the “sons of bitches” in West Virginia poisoning the land and sea (“Don’t Drink the Water”). These are individuals and communities in every corner of the country, struggling through the ordinary—and sometimes extraordinary—circumstances of everyday life.

Side A -
The Saint Of Lost Causes
Ain’t Got No Money
Mornings In Memphis
Don’t Drink The Water

Side B -
Frightened By The Sound
Flint City Shake It
Over Alameda
Pacific Northwestern Blues

Side C -
Appalachian Nightmare
Say Baby
Ahi Esta Mi Nina
Talking To Myself

Side D -
4th Side Etching of the Saint of Lost Causes