Pintandwefall - Your stories baby LP

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Pintandwefall - Your stories baby LP
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Soliti is delighted to welcome Pintandwefall to the Soliti label family. Pintandwefall return with a new single and video - ‘Ah-Ah-Ah’ - the first taste from their forthcoming sixth album, Your Stories Baby (Release date: 17.1.2020). ‘Ah-Ah-Ah’ is officially released on the 6th December 2019.

Pintandwefall tell us of the new single “It's a song about trying to find beauty in longing and reminiscing about everyday things. Either things that have happened in previous stages of your own life, or the lives you imagine people in old photos to have lived, way before you yourself were ever born. Feeling nostalgic over a milk carton design that you have never even seen but in your parents' old pictures. Hearing your friend's familiar voice over the phone but not knowing what they look like these days."

Your Stories Baby, produced by Risto Ylihärsilä, displays the most melodic aspects of Pintandwefall aligned with a playfulness and expanded sound palette. Pintandwefall tell us of the new album;
"We have a stubborn need to write music together because we love it. Our sixth album was recorded over three weekend sessions. On the first day of each session we would teach each other the new songs, and on the second our producer would press the rec button already. This was how we were able to preserve the raw joy of new music in each take. Your Stories Baby has been made with love of this adventure."

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