Edguy - Theater of salvation 2LP

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Edguy - Theater of salvation 2LP
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The successor to Edguy’s breakthrough album was released in 1999 under the title “Theater Of Salvation” and again met with critical acclaim by critics and fans alike. It cemented their breakthrough and paved the way for their international career. Some 20 years after the release finally a new version is made available – as Digipak (incl. bonus CD) and for the first time ever on Vinyl (in different colors).
In the meantime, Edguy have made their way to being one of the leading European melodic metal bands and mastermind Tobias Sammet also created Avantasia, which has grown to be much more than a project, selling millions of albums and doing sold out world tours.

Side A:
1. The Healing Vision
2. Babylon
3. The Headless Game
4. Land Of The Miracle
5. Wake Up The King

Side B:
6. Falling Down
7. Arrow's Fly
8. Holy Shadows
9. Another Time
10. The Unbeliever

Side C:
11. Theater Of Salvation
12. For A Trace Of Life (Bonus)
13. Walk On Fighting (Live, Bonus)

Side D:
14. Babylon (Live, Bonus)
15. Land Of The Miracle (Live, Bonus)
16. The Headless Game (Live, Bonus)
17. Wake Up The King (Live, Bonus)