Turner, Simon Fisher & Edmund de Waal - A quiet corner in time CD

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Turner, Simon Fisher & Edmund de Waal - A quiet corner in time CD
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A Quiet Corner In Time began life as a sound work created by the composer Fisher Turner for renowned ceramicist and author Edmund de Waal’s architectural installation, – one way or other -, at the Schindler House in Los Angeles, and since then has metamorphosed into a standalone album release.

The resonances and echoes of past and present, and of the crossing of territorial, disciplinary and artistic boundaries are multiple and overlapping in this project. While Fisher Turner works in sound, and de Waal’s medium here is solid materials, there is an inverse in their thinking – much of Fisher Turner’s work intensifies the material and solid aspects of sound, while de Waal talks of how he hears objects: “When I see objects I hear them, in some kind of way,” he explains, “so the visual weight of an object gets transferred into an aural space. That leads to music, or rhythm, or poetry.”

A1 The Museums With Long Halls
A2 We Begin To Be certain.
A3 Breaking Emptiness
A4 The Children Will Have To Stop.
A5 A Quiet Corner In Time.
B1 Right side Up Or Upside Down
B2 They Could Visit.
B3 You Don’t Have To Go Anywhere.