Maximo Park - 10th anniversary live: London Roundhouse

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Maximo Park - 10th anniversary live: London Roundhouse
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Exclusive live recordings of Maximo Park taken by instant music specialists Concert Live at The Roundhouse in London on the 17th November 2015.

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the band’s legendary album ‘A Certain Trigger’, the English indie-rock band Maximo Park treated fans to a truly electrifying performance of the album performed in whole.

With album classics such as ‘Apply Some Pressure’ and ‘Signal and Sign’ sitting alongside newer tracks such as ‘Our Velocity’ and ‘Wraithlike’, this 100% unedited live album captures the legendary Maximo Park at their very best.

This electric performance was recorded and produced by the live music specialists Concert Live with a limited number of albums available to the audience within minutes of the last note being played.

The album is as much of a collector’s item as it is a live CD, presented in exclusive two disc packaging with bespoke artwork, perfectly reflecting the electrifying energy of the band.

Disc 1
1. Girls Who Play Guitars
2. The National Health
3. A19
4. The Kids Are Sick Again
5. Leave This Island
6. Hips & Lips
7. A Year of Doubt
8. Russian Literature
9. Midnight on The Hill
10. Our Velocity
11. Books From Boxes

Disc 2
1. Signal and Sign
2. Apply Some Pressure
3. Graffiti
4. Postcard of a Painting
5. Going Missing
6. I Want You To Stay
7. Limassol
8. The Coast is Always Changing
9. The Night I Lost My Head
10. Once, A Glimpse
11. Now I'm All Over the Shop
12. Acrobat
13. Kiss You Better