Collins, Shirley - Heart's ease CD

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Collins, Shirley - Heart's ease CD
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On Heart’s Ease, Shirley delivers a record even stronger than Lodestar having completely regained her confidence, and singing so well that you can’t believe she was away for so long. As Shirley put it, “Lodestar wasn’t too bad, was it? But when I listen to it, it does sometimes sound rather tentative. I had to record it at home because I was just too nervous to sing in front of somebody I didn’t know. This time I was far more relaxed – even though I went into a studio.” Recorded at Metway in Brighton, Heart’s Ease is as compelling and original as Shirley’s great albums from the Sixties and Seventies. There are traditional songs, of course, from England and the USA, but there are also more new songs than in the past (four non-traditional tracks) and there’s even a burst of experimentation that hints at possible new directions to come.

1 The Merry Golden Tree
2 Rolling in the Dew
3 The Christmas Song
4 Locked In Ice
5 Wondrous Love
6 Barbara Allen
1 Canadee-i-o
2 Sweet Greens and Blues
3 Tell Me True
4 Whitsun Dance
5 Orange In Bloom
6 Crowlink