Lang, K.D. - Watershed LP

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Lang, K.D. - Watershed LP
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The first worldwide vinyl release of k.d. lang’s 2008 landmark album, representing the first time she assumed the role of producer, as well as writer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. As the title suggests, it represents a milestone in k.d. lang’s groundbreaking career. In contrast to lang’s usual organization of albums around a particular sound or concept, the unifying theme is a much more personal look at k.d. lang and where she finds herself. She explained that “Watershed is like a culmination of everything I’ve done – there’s a little bit of jazz, a little country, a little of the Ingénue sound, a little Brazilian touch. It really feels like the way I hear music, this mash-up of genres, and I think it reflects all the styles that have preceded this in my catalogue. I didn’t feel the need to be genre-specific because this experience felt so wide open.” The Times of London called it ‘A seductive restatement of her talents. A set that marks the return of a singular talent to the top of her game.’ ‘Watershed highlights what lang does best – fulsome ballads sung with precision-timing, intelligence and a humorous twist,’ proclaimed Mojo, while the New York Times observed ‘Few singers command such perfection of pitch. Her voice, at once beautiful and unadorned and softened with a veil of smoke, invariably hits the middle of a note and remains there.’