Kozelek, Mark & Kevin Corrigan - Zhao tao (A Correspondence) BOOK

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Kozelek, Mark & Kevin Corrigan - Zhao tao (A Correspondence) BOOK
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On May 5, 2018, actor Kevin Corrigan and singer/songwriter Mark Kozelek decided to correspond every day by email for a year.

Not missing a day, the two artists give detailed accounts of their lives from May 5, 2018 to May 5, 2019.

Kevin writes about his life on television sets, movie sets, and video shoots, present and past.

Mark chronicles studio sessions and his tours throughout the year, revealing poignant memories of his life in music. The two connect on their struggles with mid-life issues; coping with the loss of loved ones and the ever-changing entertainment industry that they've managed to navigate for decades.

Reveling in the nostalgia of childhood and growing up in the working-class neighborhoods of The Bronx and Massillon, Ohio, Kevin and Mark share similar values that have shaped their lives and careers. They bond at their deepest in regards to love for their parents.

On some days, the two express self-deprecating vulnerabilities and insecurities. On others, they shine bright with confidence and gratitude.

Throughout the correspondence, Kevin and Mark discuss authors, actors, athletes and musicians who have influenced their careers and shaped their styles.

Divided into two volumes, these books are filled with highs and lows of the entertainment industry and the joys and sorrows that come with everyday life.

The Panther and The Honey Badger and Zhao Tao are a must-read for fans of the ubiquitous character actor who played TV and film roles ranging from Goon in Buffalo ‘66 to Uncle Eddie in Grounded for Life, and the singular, enigmatic musician who was signed to 4AD, Subpop, Island Records, and continues to tour the world and make records on his own label, Caldo Verde Records.


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