The Who - The Who sell out (Super deluxe) 5CD+7"

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The Who - The Who sell out (Super deluxe) 5CD+7"
The Who - The Who sell out (Super deluxe) 5CD+7"
The Who - The Who sell out (Super deluxe) 5CD+7"
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Following recent super-deluxe editions and multi-format releases of classic Who albums – ‘My Generation’, ‘Tommy’ and ‘Quadrophenia’, and the success of ‘Live at Fillmore’, we follow with The Who Sell Out – this set shaping up to be the most superlative of all…!!

Released in December 1967 – the album reflected a remarkable year in popular culture. As well as being forever immortalised as the moment when the counterculture and the ‘Love Generation’ went global, 1967 produced tremendous musical upheavals as “pop” metamorphosed to “rock”.

Disc 1 – original mono mix, mono As & Bs and unreleased mono mixes

Disc 2 – original stereo mix and stereo bonus tracks

Disc 3 – Studio out-takes, ‘fly-on-the-wall’ versions of early takes of songs from the album sessions, ‘studio chat’ etc. – previously unreleased

Disc 4 – ‘The Road To Tommy’ will contain stereo mixes of the studio tracks recorded in 1968 – some previously unreleased – plus 1968 As and Bs mono mixes (all tracks remixed from original 4 and 8-track session tapes in The Who vault)

Disc 5 – 14 of Pete Townshend’s original demos – previously unreleased & exclusive to this set…

Bonus 7” disc:
1. Track UK 45 repro
2. Decca USA 45 repro

112 tracks – many unreleased!

80-page, hard-back full-colour book, including rare period photos, memorabilia &

Track annotation and new liner notes by Pete Townshend

Comments from from Pete Drummond (Radio Caroline DJ), Chris Huston (Talentmasters Studio), Richard Evans (designer), Roy Flynn (Speakeasy Club manager), Arnold Schwartzman (designer) & Andy Neill (Who biographer)

Nine posters & inserts, including replicas of…
1. 20” x 30” original Adrian George poster
2. Gig poster – City Hall, Newcastle: The Who, Traffic, Tremeloes etc.
3. Saville Theatre 8-page programme.
4. Business card for the Bag o’ Nails club, Kingly Street.
5. Fan Club photo of group.
6. Flyer for Bath Pavilion concerts including The Who.
7. Crack-back bumper sticker for Wonderful Radio London.
8. Keith Moon’s Speakeasy Club membership card
9. Who Fan Club newsletter.