Yello - Yell40 years 2CD

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Yello - Yell40 years 2CD
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The legendary electronic duo YELLO are celebrating their 40th anniversary with a comprehensive retrospective.

“YELL40 YEARS” by Dieter Meier and Boris Blank is not a common best of with the typical songs like “The Race”, “Oh Yeah” or the groundbreaking “Bostich”, but more a place for all the pearls of their discography that have always stood for the YELLO sound cosmos, but never really received the spotlight that they deserve. Songs like the everlasting fan favourite “I Love You”, the eccentric “Rubberbandman” or the Mellow YELLO classic “Desire” – the stylistic range of the Zurich originals have always known no limits.

With detailed liner notes and visual impressions of the last four decades, “40 Years” is a must-have for all lovers of the special electronic sounds made in Switzerland.

Available as a strictly limited 4CD hardcover book, as a regular 2CD, as a black 180g double vinyl and of course as download and on all streaming portals.

The limited 4CD hardcover book version also contains a retrospective “A Wider Shade Of YELLO” curated by Boris Blank, on which mainly the “mellow” and not immanently obvious YELLO pieces were brought together, whereas on the fourth bonus CD favourite remixes of the past 40 years have been compiled. Some of them have been completely unpublished so far, including by DJ luminary DJ Hell and the former Factory Records representative, author and filmmaker Mark Reeder.

1. Bimbo (Solid Pleasure)
2. Pinball Cha Cha (Claro Que Si)
3. The Evening‘s Young (Claro que Si)
4. Bananas To The Beat (Solid Pleasure)
5. I Love You (1980-85 The New Mix in One Go)
6. Lost Again (You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess)
7. Bostich (N’est-ce pas?) (1980-85 The New Mix in One Go)

8. Daily Disco (Claro Que Si)

9. Vicious Games (Stella)

10. Oh Yeah (Stella)
11. Blender (Baby)
12. Goldrush (One Second)
13. Tied Up (Essential Yello)
14. La Habanera (One Second)
15. Rubberbandman (Baby)
16. Jungle Bill (Baby)
17. Night Train (Zebra)
18. Tremendous Pain (Zebra)
19. Houdini (Motion Pictures)
20. Base For Alec (You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess)
21. Liquid Lies (Yello By Yello)

1. Electrified II (Toy)
2. Soul On Ice (The Eye)
3. Don Turbulente (The Eye)
4. Planet Dada (The Eye)
5. 30`000 Days (Toy)
6. Arthur Spark (Point)
7. 07. The Vanishing of Peter Strong (Point)
8. Distant Solution (The Eye)
9. Mean Monday (YELLO book download 2011)
10. Cold Flame (Toy)
11. Dialectical Kid (Toy)
12. The Expert (Touch Yello)
13. Basic Avenue (Point)
14. Waba Duba (Point)
15. Limbo (Toy)
16. Spinning my Mind (Point)
17. Tiger Dust (The Eye)
18. Way Down (Point)
19. Hot Pan (Point)
20. The Race (Live in Berlin 2016)